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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 17, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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back to a hotel in columbia. the one you see here. secret service agents and military personnel were staying there ahead of the president's trip this past at some point what's being described as a night of partying, an agent refused to pay one of the prostitutes $47. seems two men wanted to split her services. and she would have none of it. she told a cop at the hotel that cop banged on the hotel room door. somebody called the state department. and the secret service. and then the news media. and now the new new york daily news is reporting investigators are checking to see whether any of the prostitutes were under age. and because of that, reporters today asked the white house whether president obama was ever in any danger. >> secret service, which is responsible for the president's safety has said
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that his safety was never compromised by this incident. >> shepard: according to the reporting of abc news, while some agents were partying at a brothel they bragged that they were protecting the president of the united states. that is a potentially major security security breach. imagine they didn't get caught but, instead, got blackmailed. for instance, a thug shows up and says let's show these pictures to your family and your boss. or maybe you can tell me where the president is going to be in two hours. it's fox top story tonight. catherine herridge is live on it in washington tonight. catherine, the possibilities here are really endless. >> susan collins telling the secret service director the exact same thing that there was a major security breach because no one knows who these women are and who they worked for. >> they may have been sent to lure these agents into a trap, to kidnap them, to disable
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their guns, to plant eaves dropping devices. the implications are mind boggling. >> given the size of the party 11 screelt service agents and 10 members of the military including special services. and eod, those are the bomb disposal units, the senator telling fox that there is no way that this was a one-time deal. collins saying that in her mind the size of the party, exudes the kind of confidence and air grans that the agents have done this before and just never been caught, shep. >> shepard: catherine, what's the story with the possibility that the agents had copies of the president's schedule in their hotel rooms? >> well, within the last hour, secret service spokesman ed donovan responding to reports that the president's top secret schedule for his trip in colombia was in one of those hotel rooms. donovan seeming to down play the allegations, quote. i'm not saying it's impossible but my experience is telling me it's unlikely. but this investigation has no limits. we're going to find out if there was a compromise of operational security and a federal official with knowledge of the operations of
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the secret service tells fox that this idea of safeguarding your paperwork is really drilled into these agent's heads, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. thanks. great day for our 401(k)'s. dow saw its biggest gain in a month. the dow was up 194 points on the session to close above 13,000 for the first time in more than a week. nasdaq up 54 points. and the s&p rose 21. analysts say strong demand at an auction for spain's debts helped ease investors fears and some u.s. companies also posted profits that were higher than many of the economists had expected. a short time after the closing bell. wall street icon dropped a bombshell of sorts. warren buffet says he has cancer but it is not remotely life threatening. 81 years old. a billionaire. says he will soon begin radiation treatment for early stage prostate cancer. i feel great as if i were in my normal excellent health and
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energy level 100%. the man known as the okay telling of omaha. forbes list him as the third richest person on the planet. worth an estimated $44 billion. president obama is asking congress to help him crack down on people who drive up the price of oil leading to higher prices at the gas pump. republic leaders claim the president could be cracking down himself right now. and they say his energy policies are the real problem here. a.a.a. reports the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is 3.90 cents. that's actually down a couple of cents from last week but up more than 50 cents since last january. a poll shows americans are pretty much split on how much the president can do on lower gas price. slightly more registered voters say he could do more but it's clearly a statistical tie. wendell goler is at the white house. so he laid out an energy plan today, wendell, what is it. >> shep, the president wants more market regulators more cops on the beat. powerful computers, tighter
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limits on oil speculators and tougher penalty on those found guilty of breaking the rules. he doesn't claim it will lower the price of gasoline but will give people more confidence. >> we can't afford a situation where speculators artificially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating the perception of a shortage and driving prices higher only to flip the oil for a quick profit. >> as white house proposals go, this one is relatively cheap. cost about $50 million next year. >> republics though, wendell, are calling this a little more than a political ploy. >> they feel it's the same kind of thing as the buffet rule designed to make them take a political side. they say the president has already got all the regulatory tools he needs. >> if he believes that the oil market is being manipulated. where is his federal trade commission? where is the sec? he has got agencies there. and so instead of just another
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political gimmick, why doesn't he put his administration to work to get to the bottom of it? >> republics say the answer to our energy problems is a more aggressive search for domestic energy sources. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler on the north lawn tonight. wendell, thanks. something from north korea today that was a bit disturbing. the nation is threatening retaliation after the white house punished north korea for its rocket launch. you will recall the communist regime's rocket blew up a couple of minutes before lifting off last week on what the north koreans call a space mission. the white house calls the same a test of a ballistic missile technology. and it quickly cancelled the delivery of 240,000 tons of food aid. now the north koreans under their new leader, kim the younger say they are abandoning their agreement that they made in february to suspend their nuclear program. and they say the u.s. will be responsible for any consequences. analysts in south korea have said that north korea may be preparing for a nuclear test in this background underground
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bunker right now. teenagers popping pills and dropping dead. coming up, a stunning new look at america's growing prescription problem. plus, a woman on food stamps wins the lottery, right? but she keeps collecting food stamps. now, she is collecting criminal charges. that's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox fox tax day. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>> today alone, statistics indicate 40 americans will pop prescription painkillers and die as a result. many of those overdose victims are teenagers. that's according to a new government report that shows just how serious our nation's pill problem really is. trace gallagher is live in los angeles this afternoon and trace, this is happening to young and younger kids and it's growing. >> that's the scariest part, shep. because now the federal government says kids 12 years
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and older, one out of three who actually try drugs are trying prescription pain medication and that pain medication is actually leading to things like cocaine and heroin use even more painkillers. back in 2000, consider this, there were 35119 or 15 to 19-year-olds that died from accidental poisoning. mostly prescription drugs. but in 2009 the number more than doubled to 715. and experts believe it will continue to rise unless we act. listen. >> i think we have created a kind of monster that we didn't understand. i think many kids are saying okay, these drugs are prescription, they must be safe. my whom takes them. my dad takes them. my brother, my older brother takes them. how bad can they be? they get them from doctors. >> and, remember, shep, we are only focusing on those kids who actually take pain medication and die.
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there are tens of thousands of others who actually get medical treatment because of taking too many painkillers. shep? >> shepard: and in so many cases they are not getting these pills off the streets at all, trace. >> no. they're getting them at home, right? they are getting them at friends' house. here is the reason why. look at these charts. look at the explosion in the number of painkillers issued over the past 10 years. in 2000, pharmacies filled 174 million prescriptions for painkillers. by 2009, the number had gone up almost 50% to 257 million. and 75% of those who abuse painkillers, do not have prescriptions. listen. >> it is absolutely the case that your dealing is more often than not your parent or your parent's friends. these kids are swiping the drugs, stealing stuff. people don't notice or maybe they do but they kind of forget about it it's not treated as a public health crisis. it's a huge crisis.
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>> and we should note that percocet, vicodin, and item miller are the painkillers of choice, shep? >> shepard: it's a virtual dead heat heading into november. that's according to the first gallup poll of the general election campaign. mitt romney leads the president by two points. a statistical tie. in another poll, the president still holds a double digit lead among women voters. the reuters ipso survey shows mitt romney has closed the gap by two points in the last month that too is within the margin of error. this was taken after hillary rosen claimed mitt romney's wife ann never worked a day in her life. she responded saying staying whom five boys. hillary rosen responded by saying she misspoke.
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ann romney is helping her husband's. today's event expected to bring in $600,000. romney's fundraisers say that they are setting a goal of 800 million bucks for the fall campaign. that's about 50 million more than president obama raised in 2008. the top two republics on capitol hill are now officially backing mitt romney. the house speaker john boehner and the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell both endorsed him today. >> i will be proud to support mitt romney and do everything can i to help him win. >> i support governor romney for president of the united states. and he is going to be the nominee. >> shepard: speaker boehner says as chairman of the republic convention, he wanted to make sure that all the candidates got a share shot before he endorsed anybody. but newt gingrich is still in the race. even after a run-in with a penguin that is apparently not a supporter. it happened when gingrich visited the st. louis zoo last week. we're told a penguin like this
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one bit him on the finger a zoo spokeswoman says workers gave newt gingrich a band-aid. he is doing fine. no comment from the penguin. a lot of us are still checking our blackberries long after we use the office. now people say they should get paid for that? they are taking their bosses to court over it a lot of passengers were hurt when their jet plunged to avoid another plane. only it turns out it wasn't a plane. it was a planet. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises.
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>> shepard: remember how people used to work 9 to 5. more americans say they are always on the job even when they are off the clock and he they are suing over it the number of people who took their bosses to court last year for back overtime pay
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jumped by one third from 2008. of course, that's when businesses laid off millions of workers as the recession hit. the lawsuits claim that employers are forcing people to do more work but not paying them anymore. or giving workers exaggerated job titles to disqualify them from earning overtime. some folks complain their smart phones and other divifses keep them working long after they have left of the office. the fox business network gerri willis is with us. it's been in our base forever. new for 9 to 5ers and they don't like it? >> they don't like t a bit. oracle paid $35 million to settle with over 1600 software workers complaining they weren't getting their overtime payments. oracle having to pay a ton of doe. about four times the level of suits than 10 years ago. >> shepard: the government is starting to crack down on. this they are hiring lots of investigators, hiring lots of people to make sure this
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doesn't happen. have a force of 1050 people looking into it they have recovered some $225 million. so the government really getting involved here. they are really looking at restaurants. looking at low wage workers where these people really get taken advantage of. >> all right. you remember the story of the lottery jackpot winner who never cancelled her food stamps? >> yes. >> shepard: well, she may be headed to prison. the michigan attorney general's office today charged the woman with welfare fraud. she won a million-dollar lottery last fall but kept collecting food stamps and stayed on public health insurance. she even told a local tv station she thought it was okay because she wasn't working. she may lose her free soon. more than a dozen passengers got hurt when a jet took a 400-foot nose dive to avoid a crash. see, the pilot thought he was seeing a plane. he was actually seeing a planet. investigators just released a report that indicate the pilot of an air canada 676 mistook
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venus for an aircraft. and that those passengers ignored fasten seat belt signs. it happened in january of last year. we're just getting all the details. the flight was from toronto to zukerman. the first officer was crossingy and confused after taking a nap. i feel bad. check this out a solar flare shooting charged particles from the surface of the sun. nasa scientists say this happened yesterday. wow. they say the sun goes through cycles and it should hit a peek of its active phase sometime next year. that likely means more sun somers. but for now don't expect any light shows in the sky like the -- like we saw with the solar flare last month. the experts say those flares only trigger the so-called northern lights and southern lights when they head toward earth. this new one went a different way. well, the big party for government workers in las vegas may have cost us a lot more than $800,000. here's the organizer working hard in a hot tub. apparently we taxpayers sent
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him to a ritzy resort all over the world. and wait until you hear what we got his wife for her birthday. we're very generous. plus, this is not how we usually see a space shuttle coming back to earth. we'll tell you where this one is headed and when you will get another chance to see a landing like this. then there is the taliban fighter who tried to collect a reward for capturing himself. that's as we approach the bottom of the hour. and the top of the news on fox report. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> shepard: firefighters from dozens of departments working to contain a large brush fire out of the east end of long island, new york. it's about 70 miles outside manhattan. in a town called mannerville right off the long island expressway. officials reportedly evacuated hundreds of homes to be on safety's side. they say most of the fire is now under control. this a week after crews battled a much bigger fire in roughly the same area. forecasters blame dry and windy conditions. the space shuttle "discovery" made a final flight today departing florida's kennedy space center on the way to the smithsonian national air and space museum near d.c. the start of this journey looked and sounded a lot different than the last one. >> booster ignition and the final liftoff of "discovery." >> shepard: the shuttle doing a fly by of the space coast in a nod to the countless folks who had lined the roads and beaches throughout the years
7:28 pm
to watch the astronauts leave the earth. nasa engineers spent months preparing the shuttle for public display. time lapsed video shows how they lifted it up and attached it to the top of a boeing 747 for the trip to d.c. as it arrived in washington. the pilots took a spin around the national mall soaring past the washington monument and over the dome of the capital building. >> inbound one ray for -- >> shepard: then they landed at dulles international airport. >> wow, what a great day for america. welcome back. >> shepard: that was the transportation secretary ray la hood welcoming the crew to d.c. workers plan to tow the shuttle to the air and space museum this week. it will replace the shuttle enterprise which nasa plans to bring to new york next week. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news.
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the $800,000 plus trip to vegas was apparently just the tip of the iceberg. lawmakers on capitol hill spent a second day today grilling executives and administrators as the now general services administration. the government agency responsible for rooting out government waste. made a rap video about spending tax dollars our money which they blew on a mind reader and commemorative coins. the gsa executive the one you see here in a hot tub in las vegas was a no show. yesterday he pleaded a fifth in front of a different house committee. today we learned jeff neeley, that's his name. took five trips, totaling had 4 days to the locations you see on the map all at taxpayers' expense. atlanta, california, hawaii, and the south pacific. it's important to note that each trip came long after the agency's inspectors warned the gsa about its abuses. but in an email to his wife,
7:30 pm
that man in the hot tub, neeley, boasted that the 17-day trip to the south pacific would be her birthday gift. to which she replied and i quote: it's your birthday, we're going to party like it's your birthday. apologies to 50. mike emanuel on capitol hill with this. it just keeps coming. some of these numbers are really kind of -- popping there, mike. >> shep, we got a look at preliminary numbers of what was spent in 2010 on luxuries hotels places like marina del ray in california. san francisco, of course. and napa wine country second to the las vegas conference that we talked about so much about was the intern conference in palm springs, california where it appears at least that $66,000 were spent on hotel rooms alone, leading congressman john mica to this conclusion. >> smelled a rat. and we asked for data because
7:31 pm
if you look at the budget and expenditures for the public buildings commissioner, they went from $2.9 million in 2007 to 9 million. >> another leading lawmaker today threatened to rip the gsa apart if lawmakers didn't start getting straight answers. shep. >> shepard: well, the investigators were watching that gsa administrator jeff neeley and jeff neeley knew they were watching him and he just kept traveling. >> that's right. as recently as february and march of this year, as recently as a month ago, he kept traveling on the taxpayer dime. bottom line is the gsa inspector general says it was the magnitude of the problem. >> we turned over every stone and every time we turned over a stone we found 50 more with all sorts of things crawling out. >> tomorrow, gsa day three on
7:32 pm
capitol hill where it shifts to the senate. focus to be on the way forward for this agency, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the rotunda on capitol hill, thanks. the afghan president harmid karzai today said he wants at least $2 billion a year from the united states after it withdraws troops in 2014. 2 billion. and he would like a promise in writing, thank you very much. the united states already pays the lion's share of the budget to train and equip the afghan security forces and expected to do so years after it winds down america's longest war ever. but the afghan president karzai calls on the united states to put pen to paper on plans it to continue funding the afghan army and police. quote here: they are providing us money. there is no doubt about that. but they say they will not mention the amount in the agreement. we say give us less, but mention it in the agreement. give us less, but write it
7:33 pm
down. jennifer griffin with the news live at the pentagon. so they want us to write it down. is that likely? >> not according to u.s. military officials who i have been speaking to. they tell me that the strategic partnership document that the u.s. ambassador ryan crocker and u.s. military commanders are trying to hammer out with president karzai is a broad framework for a long-term relationship. karzai wants the money in writing because he doesn't trust that the u.s. will be there for the long haul or that congress won't pull the rug on funding the afghan military to the tune of $4 billion a year with shrinking budgets. one senior u.s. defense official tells me quote we do not expect that document to include any pacific financial commitment, shep. >> shepard: the vast majority of americans tell pollsters that they want this war over. the same is true in australia. now we know the australians are pulling out a year early? >> in fact, 12 months early. they were supposed to be out like the rest of nativity toe at the end of 2014.
7:34 pm
now we understand it's 2013. here is the prime minister of australia earlier today. >> i am now confident chicago will recognize mid 2013 as a key milestone in the international strategy. a crucial point when the international forces will be able to move to a supporting role across all of afghanistan. >> nato will meet in chicago in mid may, shep, to hammer out the details. you'll remember they had been saying nato troops would stay until the end of 2014. now it seems the clock is ticking much faster. >> shepard: also in afghanistan a mid level taliban turn himself in and pay $100 reward for his capture. he showed up in check point carrying a wanted poster with his own picture on it. a u.s. official calls the expected insurgent of the taliban equivalent of the burglars in home alone.
7:35 pm
the confessed mastermind of the plot to blow up new york city subways testified today against his suspected coconspirator. it's the first time that ringleader has taken the stand since he got arrested back in 2009. the man on the left is standing trial, pleading not guilty to terror charges. the man 00 right has already admitted he did indeed organize the plan to bomb the subways. prosecutors say the two men and the third friend also considered targeting times square, grand central station and the new york stock exchange plus some movie theaters. today that star witness said before plotting the attack the three men made a pack to fight with the taliban because they believed the united states was behind the attacks of 9/11. the man who admitted that he slaughtered 77 people in norway, many of them unarmed teenagers today called -- told a court he would do it again. the self-described resistance fighter against multi-culturallism testified
7:36 pm
in an attempt to explain his actions. he called the massacre the most sophisticated and spectacular political attack in europe since world war ii. he added his actions were based on goodness, not evil. it was last july prosecutors say a suspect bombed a government building then went on a shooting spree at a youth camp. he says he belongs to a militant group that fights muslim into norway. new word enough to the so-called cease-fire in syria is unraveling fast. [gunfire] >> activist groups report syrian troops are intensifying the shelling of opposition strongholds across the country. killing at least 55 people in syria in the last 48 hours. despite the presence of foreign observers, it's still happening. fox news cannot confirm. meanwhile, the french foreign minister today said international economic punishments on the syrian regime are starting to work and have wiped out half of syria's foreign currency
7:37 pm
reserves. here at home, house lawmakers voting on a bill that would change the rules on guns in national parks. so what kind of new rules do we need for guns in national parks? we'll have the details on that. plus, a shattering loss for the crimson tide of alabama. this $30,000 crystal trophy is now in a thousand pieces. whoa, alabama. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you why you fell in love with her in the first place. and why you still feel the same. but your erectile dysfunction -- that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet
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>> shepard: republic lawmakers are pushing a new bill that loosen firearm rules in national parks and make it easier for hunters to take trophy kills home with them. the bill has the blessing of the national rifle association. critics stay poses a major threat to protected land and wildlife. shannon bream the story live in washington. this bill just went up for a vote, right? >> just moments ago, shepard, more than three dozen democrats actually crossed the
7:41 pm
aisle to vote with republicans. passing this bill 273 to 146. today house speaker john boehner said it was necessary because sports men and the u.s. are, quote, under attack. majority leader eric cantor added this. >> what the bill is about, it's about taking steps to ensure that hunters hunter sportsman has the right to pursue the recreation that they want. this is a bill that is a bipartisan effort coming from our sports men caucus. >> it also contain as provision that blocks the e.p.a. in its efforts to regulate led found in ammunition and fishing tackle, shep. >> shepard: critics, shannon, are already talking about unintended consequences and the damage they say this bill could do. you are right? democrat raoul led this effort to defeat this bill. he said hunters already have 700 million acres of federal land they can access. this bill was made for a problem that doesn't exist. he worries about the threat to
7:42 pm
hikers and other visitors to national parks. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> this bill is not designed to improve the quality of our public lands or public recreation. rather, it is another in a string of legislative proposals put forth by the majority intended to devalue and degrade our public resources. >> of course no, guarantee it ever gets to a vote in the senate, shep? >> shepard: shannon bream in washington. shannon, thanks. nearly 50 people will not be on john edwards' jury after they admitted they could not keep an open mind about the former senator and presidential candidate. who can forget he cheated on his wife elizabeth while she was battling breast cancer the disease that eventually killed her. now john edwards is accused of using campaign donations to hide his mistress. and the baby they made. the charges could put him in the jail for 30 years. john edwards claims he did not know about the payments. and he is apparently cutting back after those $500 haircuts during his white house run. remember this video?
7:43 pm
nowadays he reportedly pays 12.95 at super cuts. that's according to the reporting of the "new york post" which is owned by our parent company. so what do you think? here is a look at his hair then. and now. where is blago when we need him. trophy shattered in thousands of pieces. he said one player's father accidently knocked the trophy off its pedestal after the school'sable spring game. the spokesman says the school plans to replace the trophy but it won't be cheap. it's waterford crystal, a football thing there, see it? reportedly worth some $30,000. alabama won it after beating lsu for a second time in january. it may be a first in nba history. a dallas maverick point guard got a technical foul last night for not for fighting or arguing with the ref.
7:44 pm
but for a wet willie. i'm serious. see that? that was a wet willie. the refs didn't catch it live. wet willie. fox news can now confirm stuck his financingner a utah jazz player's ear and shoved him. he later said he went over the line but joked he wanted to help the utah player take care of some lint. the jazz got the last laugh. they won the game in three overtimes. wow. soccer riot tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. egypt. the defendants were locked in a courtroom cage. they chanted and pumped their fist in protest. 73 people standing trial for these riots at a soccer match that happened in february. the violence killed more than 70 people. some defendants face murder charges. china. a small plane crashed at a
7:45 pm
farm in the central province. we're told an oil leak forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. and that he turned just before hitting some nearby homes. he reportedly had some broken bones. south africa. rhino farmers pushing for the legalization of rhinoceros horn sales. it would protect the poachers. >> come from rhino we will cut off the horn and as you know the horn grows again. >> shepard: rhino killings are reportedly up 30% in recent years. >> japan, the world's second tallest building opening its doors to the media tokyo's sky tree towers stands more than 2,000 feet tall. the building took about four years to complete. it officially opens to the public next month. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80
7:46 pm
seconds. look out now, royals. the sister-in-law the future king of england was riding shotgun when her driver apparently pulled out a gun. but wait until you hear about the party she had gone to a few hours earlier. dwarfs, a fire eater? more. the details are coming up. plus, your tattoo may show your love for mom but also reveal a lot about your drinking habits. the study on ink and drink. ahead on fox report. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit
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>> shepard: don't you wish we had a royal family? pippa middleton, the famous sister of prince william's wife kate in the middle of another media circus now. this one started with the photo at the top cover of the sun tabloid paper right there
7:50 pm
on the right. our parent company owns this paper. it apparently shows pippa smiling in a convertible with the driver pointing what looks very much like a real gun at the camera. the sun reports this happened just hours after pippa hit a raunchy party in paris. strippers and dwarfs and all kinds of funness. jonathan hunt with the news. legal charges? i don't know if hanging out with drarps or strippers is illegal for semi royals. >> nothing illegal about that. but the fake gun could be deemed to be illegal. it was certainly a laps of judgment one would think for from pippa middleton especially being in a car with someone carrying and pointing a fake gun at a photographer in the very city where 15 years ago princess diana died in a car while being chased by paparazzi. that along with the raunchy party, the details dare which i not mention may find pippa
7:51 pm
being have some strong words by her sister kate, the duchess of cambridge you could imagine. >> shepard: without the details of the rawrgey party this is not an interesting party. the royals have done this before. >> yes, they have. obviously what springs to mind initial solid prince harry who has been in trouble lots of times. we don't have the pictures. >> shepard: we have them but we are not showing them. >> he happened to wear a nazi uniform to a halloween party. then there is the king of the verbal gaffe prince philip himself who has uttered many things which many people would deem racist and also a couple of these fabulous saying if you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and comfort. provided you don't travel in something called economy class which sounds ghastly.
7:52 pm
dukes have been known to marry chorus girls. some have even married americans. can you imagine a brit mary ann american? i would never dream of it? >> how many have you married. >> two to so far. stay tuned. >> shepard: you just had a bachelor party. >> did i. no strippers or dwarfs. >> shepard: what's wrong with you? that might be interesting. [ laughter ] >> a driver's frantic call to 911 when she can't stop her car on a busy highway tops our news across america. minnesota,. >> my car is accelerating and it will not stop. i'm riding my brakes and it won't stop. >> that driver said it felt like a nascar driver had his foot on her gas pedal as her 2003 pontiac grand-am approached an intersection. fortunately, the light had just turned green. she stayed on the line with the emergency dispatcher. >> i'm going 60 now. it won't slow down. almost 70. oh my god. >> putting it in neutral
7:53 pm
didn't work. finally the dispatcher found a solution. >> try shutting it off with your key. >> oh, i think it worked, hang on. it stopped. >> nobody hurt. >> rhode island. more than two dozen people hurt in a school bus crash near newport. police say the bus was returning from a field trip when a car in the left lane swerved into it forcing it over the guardrail and into a ditch. 24 students and 8 adults on board went to the hospital with minor injuries. new york. firefighters are mourning a fallen brother. the 17 year veteran died yesterday battling a three alarm warehouse fire with temperatures near 90 degrees. officials say the 47-year-old father of two overheated. then he collapsed and had an apparent heart attack. five other firefighters hurt. and that's the fox watch ross america. >> shepard: tom petty and the band apparently upset after
7:54 pm
somebody stole their guitars last week. we reported on this yesterday. a break in the case of the stolen guitars. that he was coming up. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪ the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful.
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we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. >> shepard: cops in california have found tom pettedy's stolen guitars. five vintage guitars went missing from the studio last week. last night police arrested a studio security guard as the main suspect. they say he sold one of those guitars to a pawnshop. among the stolen instruments, petty's signature 12 string. he tweeted about it. offered a reward. the band set to launch a new tour tomorrow. young men and women with tattoos tend to be heavier drinkers. that's from a new study out of france. researchers there questioned why younger folks who had been out drinking and they say those with tattoos and other body art drank about twice as much alcohol as their inkless peers. the studdie's author says parents should consider tattoos markers of drinking.
7:58 pm
but critics warns such stereotyping could lead parents and doctors to miss other kids with alcohol problems. wow. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. the video game halo four now set for november release. halo three ranked in a paul tri $73 million in the first 24 hours. number four, a judge has forced apple and samsung to settle over apple's claim that samsung galaxy copied the iphone and ipad. number three, the italian government confirms two bodies pulled from the wrecked cruise ship on the coast were those of a missing man and woman from minnesota. number two, president obama today urged congress to help him crack down on price manipulators in the oil markets who helped raise prices at the pump. number one tonight, the head of the secret service is reportedly seeking an independent investigation over accusations that some of his agents met with prostitutes in columbia. and that's "the fox report's" top five.
7:59 pm
on this day in 1970, apollo xiii splashed down in the pacific after it 2,000 miles from earth. oxygen tank exploded. crippling part of the space craft sparking the famous words houston, we've had a problem here. what followed was a long trip back to earth for three astronauts on board. the crew had little oxygen, power and water. with the help of mission control they successfully used some untested measures to avoid tragedy. some 29 million people watched the plash down on tv and the problem solved 42 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, april the 17th, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. opinion and analysis begins now on a powerful prime time from fnc. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> this


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